is a Marathon 


Much like running, growing a business is a commitment to the long haul. And like running a marathon, you need to be mentally, and emotionally prepared for the ups, downs, and the inevitable shin-splints of running - AND business.

If you’re like the amazing female entrepreneurs I work with … you might find yourself …

Overthinking your business model, 
Avoiding making the sales calls, 
Scrolling just to escape, 
Coping with your emotions with that extra glass of wine, 
or Snacking instead of feeling the fear and doing that thing anyway!

I’m here to tell you that we ALL have unexpressed emotions living in our bodies that lead us to find ways to distract and disassociate.  This cycle of distraction can keep you stuck in the status quo AND stuck in the idea that change in your body or your business is too hard and takes too much time.

As children, as women, and then as mothers and business owners we never truly learned to deal with, feel, and express ourselves (i.e. anger, sadness, and frustration that keep getting pushed way down) so we say, “I’m fine” and move on with our obligations and responsibilities.

Chasing away overwhelm one trail at a time.

Are you ready to step fully into your business vision, and develop the ability to navigate (and thrive) when shit hits the fan?

But your body knows the truth. Imagine … Having the tools, awareness, and worthiness to

Feel your feelings, express your truth, make decisions in your business with confidence, and start creating the life of your dreams NOW.  Imagine if you could feel unwavering in your self-worth, and know exactly how to process and shift your emotions so that they don’t keep you stuck in overwhelm.

If you’re ready to elevate your business through movement and mindset, join here.

Let's Run Together!

I absolutely LOVE the work I get to do. I truly get to change the lives of high achieving women  with my programs and coaching. Then those women show up differently at home and it indirectly changes the lives of their kids…. This is everything to me. .

 I BELIEVE Living in Alignment is Key to Everything You Want In Life. But it wasn’t always this way for me.  

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go 

When you show up
and choose yourself,
you will do it in every other area of your life.

The Feminine Way to Heal

Release Stress and Embrace Inner Freedom.

Join me in taking the first step on your path to feeling deeply. To allow yourself to live EACH MOMENT. To release the emotions that keep you stuck, numbing out, and distracting yourself from receiving the life you are WORTHY of now. 

Lace up those runners, and let's learn to run TOGETHER. 

Yes, I want to run...
(even if i am a bit nervous!)

Get out in nature and run inward